Living Corpse Relics Encore Ed #4

(W) Buz Hasson, Ken Haeser

(A) Jeff Dillon, Jordan Grosser, Mike Shipley

(A/CA) Buz Hasson, Ken Haeser


Celebrate the return of The Living Corpse with a special Relics Encore Edition! The Living Corpse's world is turned upside-down when John Romero wakes up human and very much alive in a state mental hospital! Were the past adventures of The Living Corpse merely a hallucination of a diseased mind or something far more sinister? All that and learn exactly what happened the night John Romero died and who was to blame? Plus Lilith makes her escape from the Nosferatu horde, intent on keeping her as their new queen. Horror maestros Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson deliver a heavy metal dose of one of the best indie horror comics being published!


Available in October

Living Corpse Relics Encore Ed #4