Land That Time Forgot: Fearless #2 Ltd Ed 1/350 Pulp Cvr

(W) Mike Wolfer

(A) Fritz Casas

(CA) Roy Allan Martine


This edition is limited to just 350 copies printed.


The most nail-biting prehistoric adventure you've ever seen continues in the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs tradition! On the lost continent of Caspak, Bowen Tyler has been kidnapped by savage ape-men, but his troubles are only beginning as another warring tribe wants to claim him as their own to use as live bait to lure flesh-eating dinosaurs into their hunting trap. Tyler's only hope of survival is Lys La Rue Tyler, who has joined forces with Co-tan, a Galu woman who's quest is to track down the gorilla-like Alus who murdered several members of her tribe. But their chances of rescuing Lys' beloved look pretty slim when the duo inadvertently venture into the swamp home of renegade Galu warrior-woman See-ta, who seems to be able to control the savage beasts of the prehistoric island!  The Land That Time Forgot Fearless #2 is available with two covers - Main & 350 copy limited edition by Roy Allan Martinez.

Shipping in March

Land That Time Forgot: Fearless #2 Ltd Ed 1/350 Pulp Cvr