Casper's Spooksville #4 Main Cvr

(W) Mike Wolfer, S.A. Check

(A) Rodolfo Mutuverria

(A/CA) Eric Shanower

The final issue of Casper's Spooksville is here, featuring two new stories!  In "Best in Jest" a Hot Stuff and Spook-Cat crossover by Eric Shanower and Mike Wolfer we enjoy a classic caper with Casper's pals. And in "Third Charm's a Time" by S.A. Check and Rodolfo Mutuverria, Casper Encounters the Witch Sisters!  Casper  Casper's Spooksville #4 is available in two covers - Main by Eisner Award-winning artist Eric Shanower and a nostalgic Retro Animation Limited Edition Cover!


Shipping in June

Casper's Spooksville #4 Main Cvr